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SimplyChestnut, a sister business to LogsOnFire (see below), offers a number of chestnut products direct to the public. If you have become fed up with the regular, santitised look of fencing and posts that everyone else has in their gardens and would like to be different have a look at the products offered by SimplyChestnut.

SimpyChestnut is a small family business situated on the borders of Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey. Three generations of the family have worked the coppices of the area, felling the chestnut then processing the timber into posts and rails or preparing it for paling fence or walking sticks. As you walk through the woods of the area you will often come across the remains of the various forms and stands that have been used for a few weeks while the coppice is harvested. Normally this work was done as 'piecework' on behalf of a 3rd party that would make the sales to the trade.

SimplyChestnut can supply you with a single prop for your clothes line to a garden shelter. Click on the photos to find out more of what we offer. 

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Simple garden shelters for BBQs or sitting and enjoying the peace of the countryside   Posts, rails, struts, strainers, beanpoles, clothes props, flower stakes   Firewood for your woodburner, chimnea and BBQ